Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome back !

assalamualaikum and hello to deary blogger ! omg . i m just let this lovely blog quiet from a long long long times. sorry deary. :( my bad.  a lot of things happened. and of course, i dont have much time to let you know. emmm (ade orang baca ke?) whatever it is, i m still and forever love my blog. my only blog. hmmmmm.

for a few months before, a lot of things happened. the best thing was my only Mr Right came back here. *tears* but but. i m sory deary, cannt find any time to write here. :( now, i m going to write everything one by one. *kalau tulis semua sekaligus pengsan lah i*

since back to the student life *mata juling* i become a super duper busy cikgu. really busy. *kalah PM oke*  kerja manyak tak terkira. sampai Mr Right always complaint ! see see. nampak tak busy macam mana?  

oke lah. my Mr Right came back to Malaysia during winter breaks. on February till March. a month only. *tear again*  i pun tak dapat balik rumah tiap minggu. emmm. but but. my lovely mr right came here oke. he came to Malacca just to see me. :) *love* tak banyak masa kami spend sama-sama. sebab mr right balik sebulan saje. and i pula tak cuti. jadi cuma ada weekend saje. mana yang sempat itu je la yang ada. 

cuma kali ni, i nampak lebih cengeng sikit. *well i m not a sensitive person actually* tiba-tiba je kan. oke. i kena berhenti di sini. kerana kerja sedang menunggu untuk disiapkan. ouh rimas. by the way. happy weekend darlings. !:)

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