Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He is Mine

Salam and have a great day everyone.!
anyway, miss this blog so much. but me had some problems to solve. :)
actually, a lot of things happen in May.
happy, sad, exciting, scared, surprised moments happen in this month.
but, really sorry cause me still cant get update all of that. later okeh.
this one is special dedicated to my Mr Right.
18 May is his birthday.

to love:
i ve been thinking of you for this day.
what kind of present should i give you?
what kind of moment that can remind u for this day?
so, this is just a small present for you since u ve said i love korean so much.
here, a birthday korea song.

second present:
(dapat awal before tarikh janji oke.)

p/s: i cant sing oke. suara katak panggil hujan.:)

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