Sunday, April 3, 2011


ini entry untuk cerita Sabtu lepas yang tergendala..hahaha..selalu lambat update..:(
Last Saturday, we decided to watch Merong Mahawangsa. first word,,,,,WOWWWW..!
superb oke.!even it was an epic story but really it was awesome..in addition..hero sungguh handsome..:) i like oke..hahahahaha
the muvie start around 12.20 pm... we arrived DP around 12 pm...fuhh..rushing2 beli tiket..takut tak sempat..
berlari with heels..seb baik tak tergolek..sampai je terus masuk wayang..the movie end around 2.10 pm..
then, we are going to have a lunch..but still thinking where should we???
hmmmm..Mar said..Johney jom.!orait..:)

me having bihun tomyam same goes to Mar..
the rest have nasi..:)
do enjoy the pictures..


me-control babe.!

see,,nadia & mardea control sexy.:p

the menu..

after dat,,jalan2 tak tentu arah...
oh..forgot,,i bought a new yellow umbrella, two books: disleksia and asas solekan..:)

nota tangankaki: sudah mula menconteng muka orang..!

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