Monday, April 4, 2011


actually this is 4 yesterday,,but while upload all pictures here,,a friend of mine told me:
"i am watching ABPBH"
and i said
"Owh..Shit.! i forgot.."

then,, stop upload pictures.; save it as draft..hehehehehe...:) then,,,
runnnnnnn..!fuh,,sampai kat bilik TV..owh yeayy..!
congratulation Sam.!I love u too..i tot it oready..:)
and,,Siti still in heart..persembahan die mantap..wonder girls..:)

oke,,,this one for the whole last week,,
:) lambat update..siapkan assignments yang menimbun..so,, today i was free..hoooooorayyyy..!!!!
emmm..last Monday:

need to wear a ninja turtle costum:( hate it so much..
cause i look sebiji ninja turtle..just takde cengkerang gedabak besar tu je..everything in green..owh...
emmmm...so here i am..

see,,pucatnya muka

with baray..:)

done for that,,oke,, my super duper lovely college already has GYM ..fuyyyooo..:)
i pun g try main semua benda alah tu..i love cycling so much..:)
so,,this is beah..:)

on 3rd April, me and the team of ninja turtles had CPR course..
hate it damn much..ganggu masa rehat saya..:( we all bertolak around 6.15 am..
see..too early...:( emmmm..rushing perform prayer..then, we arrived there aroun 8.30 am..
ohh forgot.. it was in seremban. At JPAM...
tengok gamba la..:)


me-concetrate kononnya..wekkkss

ahad become my free day..but,,still cannt skype Incik Right..
his connection blocked..emmm..so for the whole day just watching muvies..heehehehe..
bye..bye..bye..[lambai gaya sin chan]

nota tangankaki: love u even more.

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