Thursday, April 1, 2010

Experience learning English

:: Dedicated to Madam Mastura,

my first words in english are 'yes' and 'no'.
it is really simple words. i want to share my experience learning english for about 15 years old. actually, i really hate learning english before. but there is someone who motivated me how important english are in the world. so i try to love and like this language. for me, english is a very tough subject. i cann't understand anything. but, slowly i try to put some effort to have a better understanding towards this language.

i started my kindergarten when i was 6 years old. during this time, i learned a simple words like boy, girl, man, woman, and so on. but, there are some words that i cann't understand the meaning. it is because i just learned english in school not at home. i totally used malay language at home.while my english teacher during kinderdarten was hotheaded person. she like to pinch anybody who cann't spell or quote the words correctly. from that, i am being silent and passive during her class.

when i entered primary school, my friend like to tease me by call me stupid. whenever i asked them some meaning of the english words they will call me stupid because i cann't simply know even just a simple word. i feel really humble and refused to ask anything. in standard 6, i am going to take UPSR and i want to have flying colours in my result. so i try to improve my english. i was not facing any problems with other subject but not to english. but, luckily i had a very good english teacher. for the first time she entered my class she said," i don't mind if you fet lower mark in my subject. but i want it to improve everytime you have paper. even it just increase 1 mark". from that i try harder than before to have a better marks. and alhamdullilah i improved it every months until i got A in my UPSR.

my batch was the first batch who learning mathematic and science in english. so it really help me in this subject. but i still refused to ask anybody accept the teachers.

while waiting for the SPM result, my mother promised me to send me to english class. but because of some reasons i cann't go for any class. so, i learned english by watching television. if i found any words that i don't know i will find it in the dictionary. that is the way for me to learn english.

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